Section of southern Imbrium Basin.

False Colour Clementine image superimposed to Orbiter IV photograph collage.

Orbiter VI photographs + False Colour Clementine images.

Green = fresh(er) surface materials (i.e. crater ejecta, exposed unweathered regolith, etc.)

Red = highland type materials.

Blue = mare materials

Clementine False Colour image mosaic of the exposed maria within the Imbrium Basin
Excavated material footpring in FeO maps.
Derivation of geological map based on multispectral data.
Geological map of the Imbrian Basin. Rings locations are based on topographic features.

Image masaic of the western Nubium regions. Images are from left:

Clementine DBA

Clementine FC + OIV

Clementine FeO map

Detail of southern Imbrium region.

Note fresh chemical signature of Timocharis' secondary craters.


All images (c)Roberto Bugiolacchi and Lunar and Planetary Institute